Chicken & Pumpkin (70gm)


  • Natural De-wormer
  • Rich in Zinc, Iron, Potassium
  • High in Protein
  • Low Calorie
  • Rich in Vitamins A, E & C
  • Bite Sized
  • Preservative Free
Guaranteed Analysis & Nutritional Facts
Contents Quantity (Per 100 Grams)
Energy 369.04 Kcal
Total Fat 3.04 g
Crude Protein 73.05 g
Crude Ash 5..79 g
Crude Dietary Fibre 1.76 g
Sodium (Na) 462.4 mg
Calcium (Ca) 0.09 mg
Iron (Fe) 7.74 mg
Vitamin A 73.15 mcg
Vitamin B
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B6
0.18 mg
0.15 mg
3.04 mg
0.21 mg
Vitamin C 25.26 mg
Vitamin E 0.22 mg
*The values mentioned in this table are based on randomly selected packaged sample of Woofur Gourmet Chicken Jerky. These values might vary by some percentage points based on each packaged product.


Woofur Chicken & Pumpkin Jerky is jam-packed with natural benefits of chicken and carrots for pets. Wondering why we use Pumpkin?
Pumpkin is packed with digestion-regulating fiber and high in water content. Why is this important? Pumpkin’s fiber has been shown to ease digestion in dogs.
It is also a natural de-worming food for dogs. Pumpkin seeds are an extremely effective deworming agent because they contain an amino acid called cucurbitacin. This paralyzes the worms making them easily eliminated from the intestine. In short Woofur chicken and pumpkin jerky is yummy, healthy and hassle-free treat for dogs.
Besides aiding in digestion, pumpkin is a great way to add more nutrients to your dog’s diet. Pumpkins are packed with important nutrients like zinc, iron, vitamin A, E and C and potassium.


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